Jordaya Ltd is a modern, forward thinking company working with the latest environmentally proven insulated render and facade systems, while believing in traditional values of quality and customer satisfaction.
Working with some of the UKs leading system manufacturers we provide expertise to deliver solutions to all, from new build in commercial, public and domestic projects to refurbishment programmes for commercial, education facilities, Social Housing and one off residential properties.
We provide advice all the way from design to completion delivering buildings ready for the future.
We have a reputation for quality workmanship, reliability and competitive pricing with clients retaining our services time after time.


The UK uses more energy for heating than for just about anything else – even more than for transport of electricity production. In fact we spend about £30 billion a year on heating our buildings. So what can be done to reduce this huge sum?


External wall insulation:

  • A cost effective alternative to demolition & rebuild
  • A cost effective alternative to demolition & rebuild
  • Reduce unnecessary heat loss & CO² emissions
  • Lower Heating Costs
  • Reduce condensation
  • Protect and prolong the external fabric of a building
  • Offer high impact resistance
  • Offer superb weather resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Do not reduce footprint of a property
  • Provide a modern façade to building
  • Have a 30 year life expectancy
  • Have a positive effect on the environment

By using external wall insulation existing buildings can dramatically improve their u-values beyond todays requirements, which in turn means that far less heating is required saving money and creating a more comfortable environment.


Another product we work with is John Newtons Diathonite ECO-cork plaster. Currently we are the most experienced applicator of Diathonite within the country. Diathonite

Diathonite Eco-cork render brings a whole new dimension to insulating the walls of period properties, lowering the U-values creating a more comfortable energy efficient home, saving money on the building running costs this is all while without losing the character or space.

Here is a video that John Newton put together to show the product and its uses, properties and benefits.

Key Features of Diathonite Eco-Friendly Insulating Plaster:

  • Zero Carbon Rating product
  • Very high thermal insulation qualities
  • High vapour permeability allows the property to breathe
  • Resistant to fire: Class 1
  • Eco-friendly
  • Superb acoustic insulation properties
  • Can be spray applied using a plastering pump to greater thicknesses than conventional application methods
  • Very flexible with high crack resistance and fewer expansion joints than conventional renders of plasters
  • Suitable for internal and external application