Insulated Internal Plasters

We at Jordaya Contracting are excited to be using this new and innovative product and are proud to be the most experienced applicators of this product within the UK.

Insulated internal plasters or alternatively called insulated internal renders are a new and exciting product that has came to the market. It has combated an age old problem, keeping the character of a period building or making it a more liveable, comfortable space. Until very recently raising the energy efficiency of solid internal walls of older properties meant building a inner box and simply adding more insulation. This was fine but you lost valuable floor space. But what if your property was a beautiful old farm house or barn conversion and you wanted to keep the natural bends and curves?
Jordaya Contracting is proud to have combined with John Newton (  to use Diathonite, a ECO-friendly cork insulated render. This Green spec approved clay and lime based product not only gives a great proven thermal uplift but has the added benefit of unrivaled acoustic properties too.

Diathonite Eco-cork render brings a whole new dimension to insulating the walls of period properties, lowering the U-values creating a more comfortable energy efficient home, saving money on the building running costs this is all while without losing the character or space.

Here is a video that John Newton put together to show the product and its uses, properties and benefits.


Hand or machine applied we have the equipment and the skills required for this new and exciting product.

Here is some videos of our team installing Diathonite on a recent project, this project was an old stone building and the clients wanted to keep the character of the curvy walls.

The client is very pleased with the end result, leaving us with a huge sense of satisfaction on a job well done.

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