Insulated renders & facades and External Renders

External render is a building technique that has been around for a long period of time, however the technology and quality of the render has lept forward in recent years, previously it had many limitations and inherent problems. Cracking which could be caused by drying out or breaking down of the mortar mix or just poor workmanship. Now however modern polymer enhanced renders with  crack resistant sheet mesh embedded in them have revolutionized these systems. Materials are factory batched and supplied fresh, depending on the finish required they can come with a 10 year warranty and only need standard maintenance to keep their  performance.


External render can be finished in over 300 different colors, here is a photo of a school we did that chose to have 7 of these colors along one wall. It created an eye catching colorful and modern facade that encompassed what the school wanted to portray.

banbury school 002


We currently work with the largest suppliers who known for their quality products some of these suppliers are:

Alumasc who can be found at:

Weber who can be found here:

and many others.


For a look at our previous work with external renders have a look on our case studies with more constantly being added.

Here is one of our previous jobs:

We have just completed a Job in Alumasc – Please look here for info:


Insulated renders and facades are a relatively new building system within this country although previously used in Germany.

This system is where the insulation is applied to the outside of the building and increases it’s thermal performance without losing any of it’s internal space. This makes the building more energy efficient thus saving money on heating bills.
Each project has it’s own specification depending on the heat saving required.

The insulation is applied to the outside, covered in a polymer enhanced render incorporating a crack resistant mesh and finally a through-coloured finish coat is applied. A range of over 300 colours are available.
All our systems used come with a 10 year full system warranty.
Jordaya have been using these systems for many years and can accomplish high quality projects from the very detailed through to complete facades of large buildings.

The main suppliers of these systems are  STO or ALUMASC they are renowned for the quality products they provide within this field.

We have worked with partner contractors to be the insulated render contractor and one of these projects that we worked on won a BREEAM Award based on the insulating system we applied the full article is here:



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Jordaya has just been awarded 2 major contracts at Cambridge Science Park! For more info please read the full article here:

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